My Mandalas

Welcome to my world of mandalas, I build them all around me. They are circular things. I like to surround them with rocks to create one more circle. My mint is surrounded by rocks,  a small circle a small mandala, or not so small. I love that feeling.

Mint is refreshing and vigorous, it is almost impossible to impede its growth. I learned that mint is a teacher for love of living. For the life-force within us. It wont be quenched. It grows, in rain and shine.

Then it makes lovely tea, mint comes in all flavors. I love my mint.

About Margherita

Margherita Crystal Lotus is an intuitive mentor and author, who helps her clients reach their heart, and find ways to be successful in life and business. Crystal Dakini is the name she uses to carry out her mission to fulfill this goal and truly help. Main website is:, Fb page: +Margherita Crystal Lotus on Google
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