I write to you in earnest…

How can I say this best, I felt overjoyed to share my delight about my garden. These are the private entries of a ”gardener in training.” Yes they train me to become a better person. With they I mean my plants and the beings in my garden.

One year I learned the lesson of Lavender. Lavender showed me about endurance in an extremely dry period… I had not much water for my Lavender plants. And there was no hose long enough to reach my Mandala Garden. My Lavender endured where most other things I planted perished. Similar to myself I think, enduring in spite the drought.

Water is like emotions flowing, and my garden sustains me. I use my garden more for learning peace than to grow food.  I am sure I am using my garden to sustain my soul…

About Margherita

Margherita Crystal Lotus is an intuitive mentor and author, who helps her clients reach their heart, and find ways to be successful in life and business. Crystal Dakini is the name she uses to carry out her mission to fulfill this goal and truly help. Main website is: http://www.thecrystallotus.com, Fb page: http://www.facebook.com/margheritacrystallotus +Margherita Crystal Lotus on Google
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