Valerian Flowers

Valerian Flower – the Queen of Peace

My Valerian Flowers

On this eve of the Summer Solstice I ventured to my garden, and I pondered my present situation. A great sadness came over me as I was sitting on my bench under the apple tree. I have known this sadness for some time. It is the sadness that arises when your friend denies you, or your partner has turned his love into hate, and your communications are in vain.  What is the point in trying to bridge the gap?

So I ventured into my garden to get reprieve. I was met with hundreds of 5-6 feet tall Valerian flowers standing like an angel guard all around me. In the height of the day they were glorious and reminded me to also stand tall in what ever I do and not sway from my center.

What is the cause of all this suffering so needlessly inflicted by harsh words?

What if one is right and the other is wrong, does it make us better persons. Why not see how much the other person suffers, rather than trying to inflict pain by exacting the truth the other person wants to hear.

In making peace, do I take on the role of making nice, to avoid the conflict and attempt to restore peace. Where really there are none, just more challenges and the stress of coping with it all.

Does a combatant know how his or her actions or accusations land in the psyche of the other person? Probably not, if he or she could feel empathy in that moment – the war would stop. My Valerians move gently in the almost non existent breeze, it is hot… later it is cooler, then I may see these Valkyries again in the moon light this time, even more elegant, and powerful yet delicate. Beauty is there, no question!  Immense beauty into the very core…

I take sustenance yet again by visiting my Valerian flowers this particular sorrowful moment – to experience such beauty is rare. I will survive it, while each flower quickly dies to give fruit to the next generation….

I will die too, in this moment. Die to the sadness, and to bury it to recover my joy. It will be so!

Thank you Great Spirit for Valerian Flowers!

About Margherita

Margherita Crystal Lotus is an intuitive mentor and author, who helps her clients reach their heart, and find ways to be successful in life and business. Crystal Dakini is the name she uses to carry out her mission to fulfill this goal and truly help. Main website is:, Fb page: +Margherita Crystal Lotus on Google
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