Poem: Precious One

After her healing session, I got this in my inbox.. it is a testimonial about finding inner healing, not through struggle, but to experience the love that is all around us. Join me in celebrating Sherry for her achievement!

Precious One

Only five, Precious One, when I found you there
In front of a door, with a pensive stare
The door was wide, without handle or paint
Then we talked for a while to re-acquaint

After a time, the door turned bluish-green
The oddest thing I had ever seen
I brought bubbles, with which we played
Being in the moment with you, is where I stayed

Beyond the door, we were not sure
But knew we had left a joyful place secure
As time went on, door turned blue to white
Now taller, with a handle, an awesome sight!

I asked you gently, if open we should
Holding your hand, together we could
Flying wide open we paused and gazed
A beautiful, secret garden! We were amazed!

Birds, butterflies, flowers and sunshine galore
A sense of wonder, innocence, play and more
Our smiles did widen, as we ran down the path
Next making angels, laying in the grass

Soon new friends came to join in
Although shy and hesitant to play, we begin
To remember the innocence, laughter, joy and play
We had before shame, guilt and secrets came our way

Precious One, I’m overjoyed to find you again
Reclaiming all the love, laughter and joy from within
Cutting our old story, beginning a new
Our authentic self is now free to shine through
Sherry B 1

Sherry Buikema, March 30, 2013

About Margherita

Margherita Crystal Lotus is an intuitive mentor and author, who helps her clients reach their heart, and find ways to be successful in life and business. Crystal Dakini is the name she uses to carry out her mission to fulfill this goal and truly help. Main website is: http://www.thecrystallotus.com, Fb page: http://www.facebook.com/margheritacrystallotus +Margherita Crystal Lotus on Google
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