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Smudging Herbs and How to Smudge

Margherita share some gifts from her garden, smudging herbs: White Sage, Silver King Sage (Worm Wood), Sweet Grass, Native Tobacco, White and Red Cedar, Holy Basil and Lavender.

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Summer Snowflake – Flowers for Confidence

Delighted with the outer-worldly magnificence of these flowers, I felt inspired to send my mother this picture, as I was totally ignorant about this humble bush. She promptly shared a favorite gardening experience as a youth in Sweden, and tells … Continue reading

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Magnolia Planted

On this lucky Friday 13th.. I started to yearn for a Magnolia again.. as this is spring  and new things should be planted instead of all the sorrows of the past.  So here it is, a new baby tree. It … Continue reading

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Majestic Hollyhock (Alcea rosea)

I was glad about the Hollyhocks when my first seeds took root.  But my patience was tested, it took years before any of these beauties attempted the summit to the sky. In the end I got the reward. The entire … Continue reading

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Magnolia – a measure of trust

Where I am sitting outside in my friend’s house, I see Magnolia buds and half-opened flowers. This is already September but these flowers seems not to know about the harsher winter conditions further north. I love Magnolia, I planted a … Continue reading

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Do you see yourself in this image, standing in solitude in the middle of the sky, surrounded by all of creation. Or do you feel the odd one out, all alone in the world with no-one to see or care … Continue reading

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Valerian Flowers

Valerian Flower – the Queen of Peace On this eve of the Summer Solstice I ventured to my garden, and I pondered my present situation. A great sadness came over me as I was sitting on my bench under the … Continue reading

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All-Heal and my unfinished bed…

I must say the weather has  improved the last couple of days, hot today quite hot. Planted my snow peas about a month later than everybody else. Have you noticed that somehow there are always some seeds left when you … Continue reading

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Ease of Work

I basically love life, but with myself I have had some challenges to give myself what I need. But my garden is such a resource of rejuvenation. Even the black flies help me see that. Gardening is work I was … Continue reading

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I write to you in earnest…

How can I say this best, I felt overjoyed to share my delight about my garden. These are the private entries of a ”gardener in training.” Yes they train me to become a better person. With they I mean my … Continue reading

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