Majestic Hollyhock (Alcea rosea)

blooming Hollyhock

Hollyhock aspiring to touch the sky.

I was glad about the Hollyhocks when my first seeds took root.  But my patience was tested, it took years before any of these beauties attempted the summit to the sky. In the end I got the reward. The entire Hollyhock bed overflowed with 8 foot spires…

The plants were a love gift to someone who loves Hollyhocks. In hindsight leaving that garden where I planted them was hard, but only on a human level. My plants will come up even though my care cannot extend itself to them. The glory of their majestic endurance though many storms, is adorned by their humility. Their sweet climb litter the stalk. One by one, over and over until I couldn’t reach them with out a ladder.

It is a medicinal plant as a tea, for the throat and lungs I read… but to me their healing is in remembering to stand humble in all weathers with the single goal to meet the sun, our source of light. It is like a faint memory of something so utterly sweet and gentle that can never be forgotten. Like being wrapped in a soft blanket watching the midsummer sun disappear for awhile before returning without a night. I ponder this as spring is slowly melting the layers of snow outside my window. May Love be remembered…

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A New Prosperous Year and Water Dragons to Bless Us

My Water Dragon seemed to come out of the tip of my pen

I was not too sure of how the Dragon would look like, but as I put the pen to the paper she appeared little by little… sort of meandering out of my ink. This one is not exactly tame, but her focus is towards the future – I am reassured!

Experience with Dragons

My first idea about Dragons came through outright fear, experienced during some summer nights a several years ago. At that time I lived in a small space directly accessing a deep well, which was dug maybe 50 years ago, no one could tell. The well was sporadically in use, and was only used for the gardens… As I came to take up residence near it, I experienced strange noises and weird sensations. And sometimes it was very scary. I remained sort of paralyzed in bed during the wee hours. I tried all versions of things to get rid of this fear, but it wouldn’t go away.

I came to the conclusion that I just had to face what caused these terrifying appearances, and let go of my fears right now.

Because it could not just be that squirrel who lived under the shingles. I finally got an awareness what was hiding under the building. Of course my childhood monsters was conjured up to enormous proportions. What came to me in my meditations was that I had stirred up some kind of elemental energy, and it was provoked. Maybe it was upset since long time before I got there, I could not tell, but now my fear changed into curiosity. What about this being? I didn’t want it to be upset and for sure not by my presence.

How to tame a Dragon?

I asked this being what it wanted. I wasn’t getting any words, but I felt it did not want to be disturbed. So I took some measures to seal my space and giving healing prayers to this effect. All my fears was totally removed after about a week of these prayers. I also found a small wooden sculpture of a green Indonesian dragon, it was just tiny but I hanged it in a corner of my room to remind me of the deep earth energies I had encountered. I felt green is a symbol of the living earth. In essence I had tamed my inner dragon, because I did not perceive the frightening sounds or sensations any longer…

So how about the Water Dragon…

Well not long ago I received a past life regression, by a skilled healer, and he told me about my dragon, she was a female water dragon… so I have worked with this energy to help me though emotional hardships. I am very grateful to the Divine of all Nature who gives me both Angels and now Dragons to help and guide me… If you feel you have a dragon, I’d love to hear about it…

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My Bodhi Tree Lives

I was carefully monitoring the new leaves coming out. I was so happy my Bodhi Tree survived the winter.

Bodhi Tree (Ficus Religiosa)

I’ll tell you it was a delight to see my small Bodhi tree come alive again after it dropped all the leaves… I was combating some kind of pest that ate the new shoots. But now when I see its vigor day by day I am rejoicing. A plant is like ourselves it must have nurturing and the circumstances to live healthily.

The Bodhi tree is known for its connection with the Buddha, who was sitting under a Bodhi Tree (the historic Pipal Tree) as he attained his enlightenment.This was 2500 years ago. To this day you can find this tree near Mahabodhi temple in Bodhgaya, India.

My small Bodhi Tree is maybe 12 years old by now, and my enlightenment may take a little while longer a am afraid. For me the Bodhi Tree is significant, as a reminder that I have to take care of what I put out in the world. Bodhi Trees grow enormous with a very wide trunk… My tree is confined in a pot, and only brought outside in the summer. So challenging for him, as his natural habitat is in a much warmer country.

I am tracking my progress by watching my Bodhi tree grow. Especially relating to finding freedom, like the Buddha did. Could I practice patience better? By doing that perhaps at some point I have resolved all inner conflicting emotions and clinging to anything in the world.

 “The branches reach towards the heaven yet the vines of the tree reach towards the earth. Such is the state of mankind – always being pulled in two directions. One direction is freedom, ultimate liberation, and the transcendence of boundaries. The other direction is security, rootedness, comfort, and tradition – the self that will not turn away from the earth.” (This quote is from Bodhi Tree Yoga Center.)

How wise to contemplate it thus. I feel  the pull of freedom and of constraint in the physical world. The bills, the demands… and on the other hand leaping out into infinity. My Bodhi Tree lost all its leaves during my month absence to see my family oversees. As I came home he looked dead as a doorknob and covered with the pesky spider webs of the culprit insect. I found that only by daily inspection and removal of their nets could my tree survive, and here is the result. So the answer is mundane, very mundane…all is enlightenment.

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Magnolia – a measure of trust

Be with the Light

Where I am sitting outside in my friend’s house, I see Magnolia buds and half-opened flowers. This is already September but these flowers seems not to know about the harsher winter conditions further north. I love Magnolia, I planted a small Magnolia in my garden, it is still very small because of our cold winters. It didn’t give me any buds yet being only 2 feet high on its third year. I am seeing it as myself trying to finally flower, but unable because the surrounding conditions are not favorable yet. It is discouraging, but I will definitely learn something. I am sure there will come a time when the full blooming will take place in splendor and naturally springs forth with the glory of spirit vibrantly present.

May I venture to present you with this question: Do you bloom in what you do? Does it contribute to making this a beautiful world, or do you come and take, never expecting to give back?

Being a witness to what is...

Wise Magnolia gives abundant showers of sheer beauty; this is its nature. Giving more and then letting go, resulting in many seeds of more beauty. We can follow its way if we like. It is up to us.

I am thinking for myself I can learn from Magnolia, to just be me and shine my inner light. All have this light, and we do not have to steal it from others; just discover our own inside.

Yet some do not even see the flowers…

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All my children…

This gallery contains 3 photos.

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I wanted to remind myself to not forget myself in all the busyness going on. Who else is so busy they can’t remember which day it is?

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Leek Seed Pod

Do you see yourself in this image, standing in solitude in the middle of the sky, surrounded by all of creation.

Or do you feel the odd one out, all alone in the world with no-one to see or care for you?

In the day or in the night aspiring to reach perfection to burst to the apex of creativity, and spread the seeds for the future totally abandoned, but not fearing. I feel like the ‘American Flag’ Leek who model standing straight in spite the winds, and storms and thunders and anything else out there in the garden. Proud but totally unaware about itself. In fact just being itself. This I aspire too…





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Valerian Flowers

Valerian Flower – the Queen of Peace

My Valerian Flowers

On this eve of the Summer Solstice I ventured to my garden, and I pondered my present situation. A great sadness came over me as I was sitting on my bench under the apple tree. I have known this sadness for some time. It is the sadness that arises when your friend denies you, or your partner has turned his love into hate, and your communications are in vain.  What is the point in trying to bridge the gap?

So I ventured into my garden to get reprieve. I was met with hundreds of 5-6 feet tall Valerian flowers standing like an angel guard all around me. In the height of the day they were glorious and reminded me to also stand tall in what ever I do and not sway from my center.

What is the cause of all this suffering so needlessly inflicted by harsh words?

What if one is right and the other is wrong, does it make us better persons. Why not see how much the other person suffers, rather than trying to inflict pain by exacting the truth the other person wants to hear.

In making peace, do I take on the role of making nice, to avoid the conflict and attempt to restore peace. Where really there are none, just more challenges and the stress of coping with it all.

Does a combatant know how his or her actions or accusations land in the psyche of the other person? Probably not, if he or she could feel empathy in that moment – the war would stop. My Valerians move gently in the almost non existent breeze, it is hot… later it is cooler, then I may see these Valkyries again in the moon light this time, even more elegant, and powerful yet delicate. Beauty is there, no question!  Immense beauty into the very core…

I take sustenance yet again by visiting my Valerian flowers this particular sorrowful moment – to experience such beauty is rare. I will survive it, while each flower quickly dies to give fruit to the next generation….

I will die too, in this moment. Die to the sadness, and to bury it to recover my joy. It will be so!

Thank you Great Spirit for Valerian Flowers!

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Dragonflies came today

Today is the day that the dragonflies arrived, just all of a sudden appeared massive clouds of these little helicopters. This year they are not very big, about an inch and a half at the most. I treasure the dragonflies a lot because as soon as they come, the population of mosquitoes, deer flies, and other biting things are reduced, eaten by the dragon flies. I find relief in that for obvious personal reasons. Then the swallows catch the dragonflies to feed their babies, all natural, right?

Dragonflies and our spiritual purpose

The dragonflies impress me, I find them noble and sovereign, and they are not shy to show themselves in all their brilliance. Although at first they have a darkish colour, their wings make up for it by reflecting a kaleidoscope of colour and light. Perhaps dragonflies ignited the imagination of small beings of nature in humanoid form called fairies, gnomes and other creatures of fairy tales.

Of course in the third dimension there are no such things, only animals, insects and ourselves. And yet we are so little removed from being animals. Being hungry we eat, this may include once living beings. No judgement here, just observation. We in turn are eaten too, by bugs, parasites and worms, or in the odd case by a tiger. When I visited Brazil I heard about a tour guide who didn’t show up one day for his group. Later they found out that it was because his young son had been eaten by a jaguar…

What is the point of this story?

I am contemplating how I can make a difference in the world.  How can I rise above my own immediate needs, to see what is going on and help? I am not a Gandhi, who on a global level showed us an example of non-violence for a higher good. I want to live happy and comfortable, and I guess every one on this planet, wants this also, so what should we do?

I am a lazy being by nature, I love just hanging out and relaxing but sometimes I have to pull up my socks and start working. Look at the dragonflies, all they do is flying around and look for food and a mate that is how their species survive until the next generation. So all summer the offspring in the forms of worms in the earth build their bodies and strength, and at the end of the season they morph into a chrysalis and wait patiently for transformation. Are we like those worms in wait of transformation?

I felt just like that when the pain of great challenges appeared and I gradually got a small glimpse of what I could be. I too am on a journey like everybody else here. What perhaps enlightened beings did just before the moment of realization was to go through great temptations and challenges.

By seeing that our world holds us here by our own strong desires and attachments we may realize that there is a place free of that, where we are in union with our source. Some put in the work of doing this work; others are continuously caught up in the cycles of life as it happens with challenges and problems.

I love dragonflies, because it suits me, they eat the bugs that otherwise would bite me, they are inspiring and beautiful to observe and they do not harm me. I cannot say the same about deer flies, which come cleverly and take chunks of flesh from my body leaving an itchy welt for days. Could I learn to love them too?

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All-Heal and my unfinished bed…

I must say the weather has  improved the last couple of days, hot today quite hot. Planted my snow peas about a month later than everybody else. Have you noticed that somehow there are always some seeds left when you got to the end of your bed. I put the leftover peas in a small plastic container and stuck it under my garden bench.

Now today I came across them, half of my little snow peas had germinated. So I had to dig a new bed for them – I could not just leave them un-planted now when they showed me they are alive.  I had to get them in the earth now… digging is now my favorite thing. One gets blisters on the hands, even though I have good gloves.

Then I turned to my medicine wheel, it is sometimes frightening to see the mass of weeds … until one discovers their strong willingness to live. I feel the weeds teach me patience . Especially thistles with stingers on.

I had invested in 3 adorable plants called All-Heal.  I just felt happy when I saw them at the nursery. I planted them in a nice tidy row all tree of them. As I watered them they somehow sent me their thanks for being in the earth now. I put the bucket of water away, and when I went back to check on my wards, they seemed to have stretched out having  soaked up the sun and water. They were glowing… I am seeing things perhaps, but it make me happy.

I look over my wheel, it is laid out like a pie, and some of these  triangular pie shapes is waiting to be weeded and inhabited with ‘real’ plants. But not today however, the sun is bearing down on me. And I have to do some other work as well.

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